Collection: Travel Soy Candles

Shop Soy Candles for Travel: Your Portable Companion for Aromatic Adventures

Embark on a sensory journey without ever leaving your hotel room, campsite, or Airbnb. Our exclusive line of Soy Candles for Travel offers you a pocket-sized luxury experience that’s as mobile as you are. Here's why these travel-sized wonders are the perfect companions for your wanderlust adventures.

Compact and Convenient: 6-Ounce Travel Tins

When it comes to travel, size matters. Each of our travel candles is hand-poured into a 6-ounce matte black travel tin, making it the perfect size for your suitcase, backpack, or carry-on. Plus, the matte black design exudes a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Untreated Cedar Wood Wicks: The Crackling Sound of Comfort

Nothing says cozy like the crackling sound of a wood wick. Our travel candles feature untreated cedar wood wicks that not only offer a clean burn but also create a comforting auditory experience, making any place feel like home.

Pure and Simple: Dye and Phthalate Free

Travel exposes you to enough unknowns; your candle shouldn’t be one of them. Our Soy Candles for Travel are free from dyes and phthalates, ensuring a non-toxic, eco-friendly experience wherever you roam.

Made in the USA: Support Local Craftsmanship

Crafted with love and attention by a small business in the USA, our travel candles bring you the quality and ethics that you deserve. Each purchase supports American craftsmanship and sustainability.

Longevity On-the-Go: 30-Hour Burn Time

Don't let the small size fool you; these candles pack a punch with an approximate 30-hour burn time. Whether you’re weekend tripping or on an extended getaway, our travel candles ensure you have a long-lasting aromatic companion.

Why Shop Soy Candles for Travel?

From the frequent flyer to the occasional road-tripper, our Soy Candles for Travel offer a portable, ethical, and sensory-rich experience. Travel light without compromising on quality or ambiance.